Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Missed Calls.

Too bad I can't just go to a park and eat my lunch away from the office. Not that I normally go out for lunch or away from my desk, but at the moment I no longer have the option to do something different. I have seriously considered walking across and down the street to the graveyard filled with benches to eat my lunch there.

I just feel trapped at work lately. It's like my weekend are just a breath away from another work day, and I go home so exhausted I fall asleep at 9:00 or before, which doesn't leave room to do much, when I don't get off until 6:00. I know Alan understands, but it doesn't make things easy and hard to be enjoyable sometimes. We'll get through it.

I've missed two calls in a row from Sam. No option to return a call. No option to try again. A missed call is a missed call. One was on his birthday. The second day that I missed his call I thought I just might break down and cry in the middle of the floor. I am so ready for him to be home.

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