Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Please Help.

This is a re-post for my good friend Keegan and her boyfriend, Thomas, down in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area.

I'm begging you to do what you can...

This was written by Thomas on sunday evening:
...In case you haven't heard already... I was involved in an attempted
mugging/murder on Friday night/Saturday morning.
It happened in
Downtown Fort Lauderdale, near the IMAX theater.
I have 14 stab wounds
and a slightly punctured lung, but am recovering very quick.
Learned a
really valuable lesion about safety in numbers.
I am supposed to be
getting out of here on Wednesday, but it's not exactly set in stone

once again, I really want to thank everyone for everything and I really do appreciate the love.


Some of you have been asking if there's any way you can help out Thomas or me while he's recovering.. and some of you already have, thanks so much!!!

He's too modest to put this on his own page but here's a link to his paypal site if you'd like to help him financially. We're hoping he qualifies for the financial services here at the hospital and for the FL crime victim compensation program. Even if he does that won't come through for 6 - 8 weeks. Any little bit helps out with gas, groceries and bills until that come through.

Click HERE to Donate a couple dollars to THOMAS on Pay Pal! hit yes to the myspace external link warning.. paypal is safe, i promise

Neither of us EXPECT people to be able to help with money, it's just that a few friends and family have asked us specifically if we would set something up like this so we did.. His friends Eric, James and Justin are also planning to have a big party with $5 all u can drink beer etc to help raise money.. more info on that when they figure out the date and time

Hopefully when the hospital processes the financial stuff he'll be covered with their program and the FL victim compensation thing.
but with getting groceries and paying his rent, electric etc until then even $2 helps. You can always come by his place (he'll be home some time today, Wednesday) with a couple bucks, some pizza, chicken soup, a sangwich or just come give him a hug and keep him company..

thank you thank you thank you

we love you :)

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