Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sharp Teeth.

There are the books and the movies filled with Bill’s and Edward’s: dark mysterious creatures in your school, city or town. It seems to be the latest fad, but I’ve been into it since high school. That particular topic always filled me with fascination. Of course with the common fad, now we’ve got to sift through a bunch of books and figure out which shows are actually worth our while. I hadn’t watched Underworld until a few months ago, right before the third one came out. Alan owns them and they’re pretty awesome.

More to the point, crazy dream the other night consisted of my being in a classroom filled with students and being the third one in the room to finish the multiple choice test. Apparently I got the most right as well as doing it in a very short amount of time. Next thing I know I’m in the back of a black car with dark tinted windows and some older black haired woman said that I had won and as my reward I got to be a vampire.

I woke up just before she bit me.

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