Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Green Grass Photography and Photo Contests

My photoshoot out at Lake Hefner with John Cooper of Green Grass Photography was a blast. We shot a bunch of photos with my Camaro, Astrid. I always love pictures of my car, but it's hard to get something new. We definitely achieved it though with a simple outfit and switching to black and white. I was incredibly pleased with those results. It always helps to have someone that loves the car!
We just kept it nice and simple for our first photoshoot together. We stuck to two outfits. Of course changing clothes in a sportscar in triple digit heat is no easy task...We headed over to the shore for a couple of classic pinup shots and just some good fun bikini shots. I was pretty impressed with both of us as we got the following picture down on the very first try!

I'm still expanding my portfolio, since I haven't really done much since the move back from Texas. I've entered a couple of contests lately. One is for Retro Lovely's Star Maker Supreme. So far I've had 5 photos be accepted into the contest, and I've still got a chance to submit 4 more photos before the cutoff. The other contest is to be a cover model for GlamModelz Magazine. You can actually vote for me here. I was in the lead for a really long time, but now I've fallen to second place, so you should go vote!