Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Not even the DMV.

As a hair stylist my weekend starts when I get off work Saturday night and I don't have to go back in until Tuesday. Sometimes it's a bummer not having the same weekend as people with "normal" jobs, but having an entire weekday off does have its advantages. For instance I still need to switch my driver's license, tag, and title from Oklahoma to Pennsylvania. Now that I'm getting more hours at work, I finally have enough moo-lah to pay for all that and I thought yesterday would be a pretty good day to get it all done.

First things first, I call up my pals over at USAA to switch my insurance. It's a little more expensive here, which I expected, but all in all, it was easy as pie and I got it transfered without a hitch, and even before breakfast!

I head back down to our room in the basement to get a shower, make the bed, etc. I even curl my hair so it'll be nice for my driver's license photo. Nate got all of his car stuff re-registered about a month ago, so he told me where I could go to get it all done; I put the name of the place in my GPS and off I go with the windows rolled down and some good tunes on the radio. I'm in a pleasant mood because I plan to roll through all of this and then go home to crochet the rest (or most of the rest) of my afghan.

Well I follow that GPS to a tee, but surprise surprise Pittsburgh's done it again and Google isn't updated so it takes me to the wrong location...one without a building. I pull into a parking lot, re-Google the place I need to go, and head back out. Luckily it's only 6 minutes away from the first incorrect location. I said, FIRST incorrect location. Now I've been led to an abandoned building, which probably used to be the AAA place, but it certainly isn't anymore. So I pull into the parking lot, park, search my GPS, search Google and finally decide it'd be best to call the phone number and ask for directions.

The first phone number I call is a wrong number. A very confused State Farm Agent informed me that the AAA hasn't been at that phone number in at least 10 years....ok, lovely. I sure do love a wild goose chase. I find another number, dial, and praise the heavens a woman from AAA tag agency picks up! So before I ask for directions, I figure I should probably make sure I am calling the right one and they can actually help me before I drive over there. I tell her what I need and she proceeds to tell me that I can't get my driver's license switched without 2 forms of proof of residency. Now I'm all too familiar with what that means from my days working at an insurance company, and I also know that I only have one form (my pay stub) because all the utilities are in Nathan's parents' names. I explain this to the representative and she informs me that in my case I need to bring in someone I live with who already has their PA license. I thank her for the information and hang up, but I'm pretty irritated by this point because I just spent two hours driving around and calling people only to find out that I need to wait until Nate finishes his finals so that he can go with me.

Once Nathan gets home, I explain everthing to him, so we hop in the car and head over that way. He's been there before so it's a straight shot. (Man was my GPS and Google both off.) It's 4:00 PM and the photo license part of the AAA tag agency closes at 4:15, so we're smiling thinking maybe we've gotten there in the nick of time. We get up to the window and a lady politely informs us that we can do everything EXCEPT a driver's license there. I tell her that's not what I was told on the phone, and she apologizes, giving us a phamplet with a list of our choices. Of course those all close at 4:15...

Needless to say, I still need my Pennsylvania driver's license, tag, and title.

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Sabrina A. Fish said...

That sounds like a rough day. So sorry it didn't go smoothly, my dear. I hope you have better luck the next time you go out to get that license.