Sunday, March 31, 2013

Welcome to Adulthood.

I'm reminded of a Grey's Anatomy episode in which Meredith says, "We're adults. When did that happen...and how do we make it stop?" She talks about the hardships of responsibility and growing up, but she also talks about all the great things we get to do. (I'm pretty sure I remember getting to eat as much candy as you want, tequilla, shoes and sex being under the list of things that make becoming older worth it!)

Today after a short and not so great night of sleeping, there was grocery shopping, laundry sorting, smoothie making and kitchen clean-up, all before 10 am on a Sunday. Pretty impressive as far as my Sunday's go. Taxes were later involved, yippee for 1099's and all of their fun. Not to mention the lovely local tax in PA I'm still trying to figure out.... Then there's been the paying of the bills and balancing of the checkbook, cleaning house, folding and putting away laundry... Why did I want to grow up again?

But yesterday was Saturday. My Darling and I grabbed a case of Rolling Rock, piled some snow around it inside a cooler, loaded up my boss's Avalanche with homemade cookies and some rather frightening pickled sausages and headed out to our co-worker's farm in Washington to fire shotguns. The boys took out a bunch of clays while I decided to try my hand at stationary targets. I did pretty awesome if I do say so myself. I even shot a can that someone threw in the air on the first try! The boys set out some special targets to hit with the new rifle, which was pretty impressive.

Afterwards it was time to head back to town for some good food, games, loud music and dancing. Ok, I was probably the only one dancing. (Those boys need some lessons!) However, I'm pretty sure Meredith would be proud because the only thing missing was tequilla...

Talk about a way to wind down after a very long 55+ hour for all of us! Maybe adulthood isn't so bad.

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Not so bad, at all!