Monday, March 18, 2013

Working for the Weekend?

We're brought up to believe that if we go to school, get a degree, we'll get a career, make money, be happy. But what happens when that doesn't work? It's definitely a new era where what once worked may not anymore.

I just finished watching The Company Men and it definitely got me thinking. My Darling thought it was depressing, but in actuality it's very real. Although, I guess reality can be depressing.

Maybe if some of those CEO's took a pay cut, there would be more jobs. Maybe the rich should pay more taxes. Maybe the poor should try a little harder so the state's aren't paying so much to take care of them. It's so easy to blame others for our problems. It's the economy. It's the President. It's my jerk of a boss. It's because that teacher gave me a bad grade. My parent's didn't raise me right...etc. (Don't worry Mom I'm NOT talking about you!)

I often find myself getting very bitter if I think about these things too hard. I did everything right! I did my homework, took my tests, didn't get grounded, made the grades, went to college, had a decent GPA, graduated from a great university, got a job, went back to school, started a new career...or so I thought....five years and several jobs later I'm still wondering what the heck I'm doing!

At the end of the day who's fault is it? Of course those outside influences might be factors but are we really doing all that we can to live full, happy, ethical lives? Are we living within our means? Are we appreciative of the sacrifices that others make for us? Are we working our tails off and giving 110 percent?  Are we making time for the people who support us? Are we doing the things we enjoy? Do we need to adjust our definition of success?

Here's the thing: money is important. It is completely necessary to have a job that pays your bills and gives you a little extra, but it is just as crucial to have time for the people that love you. At the end of the day money makes life easy, but people make it all worth doing.

 It's all about balance. Do something you enjoy, but you have to find something that also pays the bills. It's OK to not know what you want to do. We are surrounded by people who are unsure everyday. People who didn't pick a good fit for them the first, second or even third time. If you don't try you'll never know, and I'm definitely talking about more than just a job when I say that.

I by no means regret my degree. If I had to do it over again, I most definitely would and I'd definitely still go to OU! ;) I know that even when I'm not doing what I went to school for the fact that I earned one in the first place helps get a foot in the door. We all have to believe that hard work pays off, but in those moments that it doesn't, if you're surrounded by friends and family, the journey is ALWAYS worth it no matter how dark and twisty it is. 


Shirley Roy said...

We aren't all alike, thank goodness.Some know exactly what they want and how to go about getting there. The rest of us need to try things out until it feels right.There it's no"right“ way. Enjoy the journey and the learning experiences along the way!

Ashley Rachelle said...

Thanks Grandma!

Susie said...

I find more things to be proud of about you every day. You have already learned (and understand!) more about life in your 27 years than most people ever do. I love you so very much.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ashley. I enjoyed reading this (more than once!). You've encouraged me to thing of my own path to a "full, happy, ethical life" in new ways. ~

Ashley Rachelle said...

I'm so glad everyone enjoyed this post! It's definitely a struggle I deal with daily, as I'm sure many others do. Of course long emails and phone calls have helped me through many "what the heck am I doing?!" days...

What great parents I have :)