Saturday, April 20, 2013

And Then There Were Two.

The Insurance World. Holy cow, the insurance world. Six of us got hired in January to go up to Erie, PA for training. Now for a multitude of reasons there are only two of us left. Granted it is a time consuming, at times exhausting, "complex and confusing" company. Can you "appreciate that"? Oh phone scripts...

But in all seriousness it is pretty cool to help people plan their retirement giving them a road-map to follow. I've even gotten several perks and bonuses along the way including a shiny little trophy to sit on my desk for most applications written by a new agent, a couple of gas cards, two happy hours for writing annuities, and I'm not done yet folks!

In other news I actually received a tax refund this year that was more than $30. It only took until I was 27 for that to happen. I think I spent it responsibly:
  • savings
  • debt
  • bills
  • treating my Darling to sushi
  • donating to a worthy cause
  • a much needed hair cut (I'm ashamed I hadn't gotten one since November!!)
  • a pair of high heels (because I am a 27 year old girl and one can only be responsible for so long!)
Alright, I think I'm done tooting my own horn.
It's been a crazy week. What positivity has been in your life lately?